MLSP offers innovative and exciting group programs for a range of our clients needs. Most group programs run once a week for 8-10 consecutive weeks, though this may change depending on the program on offer and the preferences or needs of the group.

All our group programs are outcome driven and designed to motivate and inspire. We develop tailored goals with the group members and design the group program to address specific needs.

To express your interest in any of our group programs below, please contact us:

Communication skills – sharpen up your communication skills from taking notes, functional reading, to explaining yourself better.

Social skills – we include PEERS® programs to learn how to interpret and uses social cues and skills to improve relationships.

Loud Crowd – or LSVT – programs for the treatment of speech impairment as a result of Parkinson’s disease.

Aphasia group – an innovative program to enable those with aphasia to improve their communicative success.

Speech Club – fun and energetic program for people with dysarthric speech.