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It is our pleasure to provide support to adolescent and adult NDIS participants. MLSP is NDIS registered. We offer individual support or group programs to participants who are self managed, plan managed or NDIS managed.

Speech pathology services fall within your CB Daily Living budget. Recommended equipment and Apps may be claimed through your AT budget.

Communication is key to us helping you achieve your optimal results. Our team works with you, your support network and all members of your team to ensure your treatment is streamlined and efficient.

NDIS requires we enter into a service agreement with our participants. After discussion with you, we will write an agreement outlining your treatment plan, anticipated hours and how these will be allocated.

We may require some specific details depending on how your plan is being managed:

NDIS managed: We need to make a service booking in the portal prior to your visit. We will require your full name, date of birth, NDIS number and plan dates in order to make the booking. At this time, we can do a booking for the initial visit or for the hours you wish to allocate for Speech Pathology for your entire plan period.

Plan managed: For our plan managed participants we will collect your NDIS number, contact details of your plan manager, hours you wish to allocate for speech pathology and dates for the plan period. All invoices will be forwarded to your plan manager.

Self managed participants: We will request your NDIS plan dates and goals in order to schedule your end of plan report. We don’t require an agreement for self-managed participants. Payment may be made at the time of service or we can forward an invoice if you prefer.